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Forensic Art - Age Progression & Regression

Through Forensic Compositing we can do Age Progression/Regression to help investigators solve crimes and find missing people. This service is also available for the general public. Ever wonder what your child will look like in 10 years? Have you lost a Loved one and are wondering what they might look like now...Does your adopted child yearn to have baby photos? We Can Show You! We can also combine 2 peoples features to predict what their children may look like. Anything is possible... You can mail your photos but if you prefer, your photos never have to leave your possession when using our online Upload feature. The price for Age Progression is $199. The price for Age Regression is $249. We produce a very high quality Photo Realistic Age Progression/Regression. Turnaround is currently about 14 days for Age Progressions & Regressions. Custom clothing, hair or jewelry requests may incur additional charges.

We use a Unique & Revolutionary process that we have developed and perfected! An artist works on each and every photo, in other words it's Not an automated computer process, it's a labor of love. It's part Art...part Science & part Technology. The result is a Photo Realistic Age Progression/Regression of what your loved one may look like in a best case scenario!

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Orders include (4) Free 4x6 Prints or (2) 5x7 prints or (1) 8x10 print or the High Resolution File.


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