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Photo Slide Show

  1. You send us your photos either by Mail or by Scanning them in and Uploading them through our Order Now page 

  2. Pick one of the 3 Packages below.  We get started on your Slide Show and within 5 days you will receive an online preview.

  3. Our Quality is Unmatched!  Scroll Down to view the 6 samples on this page.  All Slide Shows are completely Customizable to include anything! 

  4. We have been featured on CNN, Fox, ABC, New York Times etc...CLICK HERE to view the News/Press page.

  1. Package 1 includes 100 photos, 3 music tracks of your choice, Basic Transitions  &  1 DVD For Only $199

  2. Package 2 includes 150 photos, 5 music tracks of your choice , Medium Transitions & 2 DVD’s For Only $299

  3. Package 3 includes 200 photos, 7 music tracks of your choice, Advanced Transitions, Animated Photo FX & 3 DVD’s For Only $399

  • Photos can be digital, paper photos, documents, slides & negatives.

  • No Extra charge if we Scan your photos!

  • All packages are available in DVD, VHS, VCD, AVI, or Quicktime formats.

  • All packages are completely customizable and can include Animated Transitions,    Advanced Effects, Voice Overs, Text. & Video

  • Click on Screens below to View Slide Shows. *Requires  Windows Media Player               Click Here to download Only if you don't have Windows Media









I think the video looks great!  I don't see any errors.  Thank you for doing such a great job!!!  Tammy H. – Kenosha, WI

Looks great.  You did a really nice job!  You can ship the DVD and the original photos to me...   
All spelling & fonts are great....
Chris J.New York, NY


It looks awesome. I love it...and the music is great. Thanks so much! This is perfect! Thank you!
Rachael C. - New York, NY

Thank you for your prompt service.  Tena F. – Keller, TX