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Get 500 Photos Scanned onto a DVD for Only $249




  1. Photos get damaged...With our professional scanning and archiving equipment, your photos, slides, and negatives will be scanned and archived to CD or DVD. Your disk will contain high resolution digital copies that can later be used for e-mailing, enlarging and printing of your digital photos. The quality of your digital photos will not degrade as would physical photos. They will last for generations to come!

  2. Peace of Mind...We will keep your photos on file, should anything ever happen to your originals or the CD/DVD we made for you. We offer this service at no extra charge, because we value You, and the memories that your pictures hold.

  3. Convenience...You will be able to view your pictures on your computer, tablet, TV or DVD/Blue-Ray player and you will be able to print as many high quality reproductions as you wish. More than 2,500 photos can be stored on a DVD and can be organized into categories.

  4. Slides/Negatives will be $449 if we do 500+

Photo Archiving:


First 100 -----------$1.00 each

101-200------------$.90 each

201-300------------$.80 each

301-500------------$.70 each

501+---------------$.55 each


Slide/Negative Archiving:


First 100 -----------$1.50 each

101-200------------$1.40 each

201-300------------$1.30 each

301-500------------$1.20 each

501+---------------$1.05 each



Your photos, slides or negatives will be Scanned at a Resolution of 300-1200dpi depending on it's original size.  You will be able to print Enlargements up to 16x20! Call for Full Details!