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  • Thanks! It's great. I will be recommending your services to other parents who have this kind of photo of their kids!! I already know my friend  ordered a photo of her daughter. You may see more come in like this as I put your info on a few adoptive China lists (one with over 10,000 members. Because for me you have done the near impossible and given me a picture of my baby!       Moya S. Matthews, NC

  • Oh my God, I got the picture today and I cried. It is exactly what I wanted and it fits in our collage perfectly!!!!! I can not thank you enough for the wonderful job.  I have your cards & I am going to pass them out at the shows I do, hoping to generate you some business. Thanks again for all your kindness.  Annie F. Chicago, IL

  • It is perfect.  Thank you very much.  I know this was a grueling situation.  However, it means a great deal to my mother and I.  You company has done an excellent job in recreating my mother's missing picture without having any details to work with.  You have been patient and I truly appreciate this.  I will recommend your services to everyone that I can.  My mother will be truly pleased as this is a memento for her.  Also, I will upload my husband childhood photo sometime this weekend.  Hopefully this will not be as painstakingly as my mother's photos as it has some details to work with. Thank you very much!!!   A satisfied customer, Mrs. Thurmond  - Port Saint Lucie, FL

  • OMG!!!  You did an unbelievable job!!!  The photo looks great!!  I would like 2 5x7 prints of the photo per your website's policy.  Thanks again for a great job!!  I'll definitely try to get you some business with my friends and family!!!  Bob C.  - Dresher, PA

  • Wolf Camera just did a super crappy job trying to restore this photo (it looked much worse than your competitors example on your guarantee page.... I am happy to send other photos,  so you can see hair color, etc.  I would like one 8X10 photo, matte, if possible with the white borders, like the old photos.  Thanks so much for offering QUALITY service!                    Gwynne A. - College Station, TX

  • I cant believe the work you have done with the couples pictures.  They really do look great!!!!  I want you to know that ANY of this work you would like to post on your website to attract future customers would be fine with me.   Nicole S. Nashua, NH

  • I inquired Bellamax and your right. you don't get a print. I have had something done from them and wasn't happy with the quality of there work...This looks great!  Go ahead and send out the prints.  Thanks for your help!  Gail F. Barrington, IL

  • The picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!  I'll let you know how big of a hit it was the day of the celebration.  I cannot wait!  I'm so excited!   Saundra G. Robstown, TX


  • Perfect!!! your great. I have a few family members who can use your services. Thank you. Please send this one.  Linda L. Bell, FL

  • WOW - that is so amazing - thanks so much.  Must go through and sort my photos - definitely sending more business your way. Really appreciate it - my Mum will be so happy......  Annette  M. - Seattle, WA

  • First of all let me say WOW!!! What a wonderful feeling to see this restored so perfectly and looking like one photo instead of two! I am so pleased with your work and I can't thank you enough! Thank you so very much,   Daniel S. Colts Neck, NJ

  • Great job. Yes go ahead and print and mail my photo.  Thank You.  Joe E.  Chicago,IL
  • Hi There, Yes, I loved how it came out.  Actually the person with the close eyes, is me.        Pat C. Whittier, CA


  • Thank you so much!  I'm very impressed and satisfied with your work.        
    Francine B.  Livermore, CA


  • Hi , The picture looks amazing!!! Thank you so much!  Nina P. Potomac, MD


  • This is wonderful - you put pants on the Viking!   I need 5 x 7's, for however many 5 x 7's I cant get for $18.00 is great.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait for their arrival.                              Janna B. - Las Vegas, NV


  • Thanks so much for sending it to me so quickly!  It looks great.  Then, I think that's it.  Thank you so much -- I really appreciate all of your time, effort and patience.  Best wishes,   Maureen S. - Los Angeles, CA


  • Great job...Please include any literature, price lists, etc....I have more photos in need of your talent.  Thanks, Ray B.- North Haven, CT

  • Great, Thank you for e-mail and colorized my photos. Please send me high-resolution photos,        Yoshimasa M. Tokyo, Japan

  • Hi, The photo looks better than the original.  Please send me a 8x10 and whatever the package includes.  Thank you,  Telma A. Middleton, ID

  • This looks GREAT! Please go head and send me this picture. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! How long does shipping take?   Marie F. -  Peabody, MA

  • It's beautiful, please go ahead.   Thanks, Tamea G. Fairfax, VA

  • Hello,  The picture came out incredible.  I truly appreciate and value your talents.  Please send picture.  Again Thank you. Have a great night   Donna D. Smithtown, NY

  • This is so wonderful, thank you.  Let me go through my other photos and see which 2 I'd like done. Will send later on this week.  Thanks again for your efforts, I know my parents will treasure these pictures forever.  I will recommend you to friends and family as well.  THANK YOU!!!   Christine L. Shepherdsville, KY

  • I received the pictures yesterday.  I was really impressed with the restoration.   Thanks, my mother will love it.  I'll be sending you some other pictures but not as bad as this one.  Thanks again!!!  Yolanda J. Laredo, TX

  • Everyone liked it... go ahead and print the pic! and mail it to me, Thank You very much!!!     April Y. Alexandria, VA

  • Fabulous job! I am completely happy and satisfied with this. You did exactly what I had hoped. Thank you for making this so easy!!  Daniel S. Colts Neck, NJ


  • This is perfect!  Wow, this looks fantastic!  Thank you so much for bearing w/me, I appreciate it.  In the future, I will be more specific.  Joanna C. Waimanalo, HI


  • Wow good work on my picture..  I love it.  Please send me an 8X10 to complete my order. THank You.!!!!   Jean V. Gloucester, VA


  • Dear Phojoe,  What artists you have!  You did an amazing job and I can't thank you enough, except to send more business your way!  Thanks so much!    Lisa F. Portsmouth, VA


  • I think the video looks great!  I don't see any errors.  Thank you for doing such a great job!!!  Tammy H. Kenosha, WI

  • Looks great.  You did a really nice job!  You can ship the DVD and the original photos to me...  
     All spelling & fonts are great....Chris J.  New York, NY


  • It looks awesome. I love it...and the music is great. Thanks so much! This is perfect! 
    Thank you!  Rachael C. - New York, NY
  • Thank you for your prompt service.  Tena F. Keller, TX