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Welcome to Phojoe.com - Your one stop shop for all of your photo needs!  Our Quality is Unmatched!  Take a look around and see for yourself.  100% Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.  If you are not satisfied with a service we have provided, we will make it right.  So...What does PHOJOE mean?  Well, it is a word that will soon be in Webster's Dictionary with the following definition --> "Phojoe is a  Photo that is altered, either to improve it's appearance (Restoration) or to create a new one (Manipulation).  Many people encounter extremely damaged photos as they embark upon their own personal family records search and need to restore them to their former glory--we can help!"

Photo Restoration  Repairing Water or Mold Damaged, Torn, Ripped, Faded Photos to their former glory. We can also Color B&W Photos. 

Photo Manipulation We can add or remove your loved and not so loved ones from photos.  Background Changes & Age Progressions are also available.

Photo Collage
Combining multiple photos into 1 unique heirloom depicting retrospectives of a  marriage, holiday, anniversary, birth, graduation etc.

Age Progression Ever wonder what your child will look like in 10 years?  Have you lost a Loved one and are wondering what they may look like now?